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Hi, I am Denise (aka Dee, Auntie Dee, Godma Dee, Mum, DeeMcK, Rocket and on special occasions @SpatialRed – a story for another time)

Mother of two spectacular children who teach me more each day than any textbook I have owned and wife to Adrian who has come to understand that men are from mars and women are from venus, but loves me anyway – crazy I know.

After more than a decade working in the Victorian Public Service I joined the OGC , packed up my family and moved to Winchester, UK. My work in OGC is about Leading the Communication, Outreach and Education for open location standards. There is lots of travel involved to some very cool places in the world and I have the privilege of working with many amazing people that are all helping to improve the way we share our information about where everything is in the world. That said, this is my personal blog so please so please remember the opinions here are mine and shouldn’t be attributed to where I work.

I adore anything that is new and different. The next gadget, clothes, food, music, film, books, place to visit, people – colour and movement.

Serendipity is a personal musing on the unexpectedly relevant bits in my life. Hope it is in some way thought provoking and occasionally entertaining – enjoy!


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